Beautiful clouds, huh?
I'm a cloud engineer.

About me

A turquoise GameBoy Color hooked me into tech when I was little. A few years later, I advocated for an advanced computer science course at high school and graduated best-in-class in mathematics.
Working half time and studying full time, I graduated with a summa-cum-laude Master's degree on the subject of "Temporal and Spatial Alert Correlation for the Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats" in 2019. I was part of a special cooperation between the University of Hamburg, the Fraunhofer Institute Singapore, and the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, where I spent my final year. My Master's Thesis has won two prizes since then for innovative excellence in the cybersecurity industry.
By now, I pack more than 9 years of professional experience with almost every modern programming language. I have experience working on my own as well as as working with teams of up to 20 engineers. I have worked on providing mobility services across Germany, researched APT-campaign detection in Singapore, and helped improving incident visibility and detection for multiple fortune-500 companies, among others. Please be invited to browse my resume below for details on my professional journey.
Currently, my passion lies in distributed systems design and process automation in modern cloud environments. At the moment, I'm most interested in blue-teaming and automation, as well as site reliability engineering.
Check out my profile at GitHub. Over there, I was responsible (core maintainer) for the Threat Bus project as part of my previous relationship with the awesome folks from Tenzir. Or find me at LinkedIn in case you wish to work with me.