Felix Ortmann

I like to code, I love to think.

About me

A turquoise GameBoy Color hooked me into tech when I was little. A few years later, I advocated for an advanced computer science course at high school and graduated best-in-class in mathematics.
By now, I pack 8 years of professional experience with almost every modern programming language. My passion lies in distributed systems design and process automation in modern cloud environments. I graduated with a summa-cum-laude Master's degree back in 2019 in cooperation with the University of Hamburg, the Fraunhofer Institute Singapore, and the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, where I spent my final year. My current field of interest lies in blue-team cyber security and network defense.
Check out my profile at GitHub. Over there, I am responsible (core maintainer) for the Threat Bus project as part of my current relationship with the awesome folks from Tenzir. Or find me at Codesignal where I enjoy solving tough problems with strict runtime requirements and used to rank among the top players in 2018.